Thursday, 26 June 2014

Falling in love again!

Hi All

Well I am still re discovering crafty things to play with and I have fallen in love (again) with my water colour pencils.

Drawing and colouring in then painting followed by a bit more colouring ... hours of bliss in my studio :)

That gorgeous box of Derwent pencils was a gift from Mum and Dad quite some time ago. I used to always use pencils but I guess have found lots of other things to play with since and the pencils got relegated to a dusty shelf for too long me thinks ... but not anymore

They have been re discovered and re loved .... lots!

Have a look in your crafty stash ... what have you forgotten about? Do yourselves a favour and fall back in love with something today and unleash your creativity! (and no I am still not telling you what all the painty flowers are about LOL)

Time to be off and get back to packing! I will be away for a while but am hoping for internet connection so I can do some posts, though not holding my breath as it is a remote Greek island ;) If I don't post while I'm away I will get some ready for my return! I hope you're well and happy and thanks for popping by. I'll be back as soon as I can, until then, as ever
Happy Crafting


  1. fab and your right some times we need to look back and find that love you have lots of fun away big love marc ps thanks for the love you sent me

  2. OMG those poppies are AMAZING!! You clever, clever little cookie :) Hope you are having a ton of fun whilst you're away...thought I would come and have a nose at what you had fallen in love with; only to discover that I would also become smitten!! xx

  3. Yay just found out you'll be back on the tele at the weekend - hoorah. Will have to try yet again for a project CD. I WILL get lucky eventually :-) How are you getting on with your 'old-fashioned' art?